Private Signings

Current SWAU offerings. Click links for details:

Millie Bobby Brown LIVE deadline 03/20/18


Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver Signing
(Signing completed. Items shipping. Stay tuned for future opportunities)

Rick Baker
(Signing Completed. Items shipping)

Kirk Thatcher
(Signing Completed. Items shipping)



Al Pacino- March/April

Jon Berg/Phil Tippett/Dennis Muren- April

DO NOT contact Andy asking about WHEN the upcoming signings will happen. The Facebook site will have the announcement information, and when the signings go live, this spot will be updated with links.


Thanks for your interest in one of the Star Wars Autograph Universe’s (SWAU) private signings, and we’re pleased to offer fans a chance to add some rare signers to their collections! While we are as excited as you are about the signing, we have some guidelines to help make things easier for everyone, as holding private signings is a complex matter, and we also receive orders in from all over the world.

For our signings we ask that you submit your order information to the specific e-mail address listed in the private signing facebook post. In event of a signing that offers both photo orders and send-in options and you are doing both, please submit them as one. 

When submitting your order, please include your name in the order and to pay before the deadline, because if you do not, you will miss out on the signing. However, if something comes up and you no longer wish to participate in the signing and have emailed your order, you must email a cancellation notice before the order deadline. Failure to do so could result in you not being allowed to participate in future signings.

Please note that we will do our best to aobtain your personalization and/or title request, but that cannot be guaranteed unless that is a specific option offered int the signing.

Photo Order (If Available)

If you wish to order photos from a signing, please include the following information in your order email:

Photo Name, Photo Size, Ink Color, Personalization/Title, Beckett Authentication (if available), and then grand total. 

Furthermore, if you order photos from an online source to have shipped directly to Andy, DO NOT put the addressee as the signer name. Someone recently addressed a package to Daisy Ridley, and Andy could not pick it up from the post office. The correct way to address a package in the circumstance is:

Andy Luk 

c/o Your name/Daisy signing


Zip code 



Item Send-In:

Just like the above, provide similar information above, but you have to be detailed in describing the item(s) that you’re sending in. For example, don’t just say ‘poster’, instead specifically state that it is a “27x40 Star Wars A New Hope Poster”, as there can also be similar mini-posters that other people send in. The more specific you are, the better.

To also help us with sorting and prevention of any mix-ups, you need to properly label your send-in item(s), and those instructions are after the ordering examples.

To prep your send-in items for processing, you must to do the following:

1.  Label your item with your full name on the back. To do this, we recommend using blue painters tape. 


2.  With a Post-It Note (we recommend using the name brand ones, but not the super sticky versions) identify who the signer is, any requests for quotes/inscriptions/dedications/titles, color ink, and where you want it signed as indicated by arrows. In our experience, we have not had issues with Post-It Notes on original posters and on good quality photos. But if you print on low quality paper, or have art prints or other specialized paper, these may damage the item. In cases like this, please ensure to let us know this.


3. Properly label your item’s protective layer (poster tube, PVC pipe, toploader, etc) with your name, the signing it’s for, and what’s inside.

Failure to properly label your items in the future may result in a labeling surcharge, payable before your item is returned. So following these instructions is pertinent.

4. When applicable – flatten your item (this is in regards to Funkos, Action Figures, and other items), as this will allow you to get the applicable flat item cost. If not, you will be charged the small toys or other applicable price tier. 

5. Properly pack your items for the send-in, valuable or not, as are not responsible for any damage or loss done during shipping to us, or back to you. We try to re-use your packaging when possible (unless it looks damaged, etc), so pack it accordingly! For flats up to 11x14, we recommend shipping those items flat in a toploader that’s sandwiched between rigid cardboard in a box. For those items that are larger than 11x14, we recommend that you ship those rolled, and ensure that they are protected in a double tube,  

or a PVC pipe.

6. Before you even send in your item to be signed, your order must be submitted to Andy as detailed above before it is shipped.

After the signing(s) the number 1 rule is be patient!. You will be contacted if needed, otherwise it is under control and your items will be returned as soon as possible. Andy recently posted this usedful guideline:

Here is a rundown of etiquette before, during, and after signings.


How did the signers feel when they saw my item?

Did you get a picture of the signer signing my item?

Did you ship yet?

Can you pull out my item and take a picture and send to me? 

Can you hold my item for future signings? 

Will there be more signings in the future? 

Do you need help in the signings? 

Can I come over to your place?

Where will the signing take place?

Can I meet the signer?