Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy and sell with other SWAU members?

To buy/sell/trade authentic Star Wars autographs, please join our Sale Group: 


Where can I offer or seek help with autographs at upcoming conventions?


  • Is my autograph real?

We have a dedicated thread where hobby experts will help as they can authenticating your autographs. Please note that you are not guaranteed an opinion on your autograph for various reasons. Please do not pester our experts to look at your autograph. This can lead to loss of site privileges. 


  • Can I promote my service, business, or product on SWAU?

No! Not without prior consent from Andy Luk.

  • How do I purchase a Tee-Shirt?

Information current as of 02/25/18

S-XL $23.00 shipped

XXL $25.00 shipped

XXXL-XXXXL $27.00 shipped

Two colors. Black and Gray.

Outside of the USA... extra $3.00 for shipping costs.

If you would like to order:

Please paypal the amount to 

or google wallet:

Please put the size and quantity you would like in the instructions.


  • What do you recommend for storage of autographed photos?

Itoya Portfolios. You can find them ON AMAZON

  • What's with all the fried chicken references?

Fried Chicken and the logo: This logo was created by two SWAU members for SW Celebration 2017 Orlando. Andy Luk posted a photo op with Harrison Ford and was flooded by messages of "where did you meet Ford?" He responded with “at a fried chicken spot in LA where all the celebrities go”. Whenever someone doesn't want to discuss where they got a certain celebrity's autograph, they would say "at the fried chicken spot"

  • What does "Frunk Oz" mean?

A former member named Maz Adams tried to sell a fake Frank Oz autograph on e-bay after a SWAU admin had told him that the autograph was fake. He still posted it for sale and was removed from the group. Andy Luk wanted to see if people would fall for the fake autograph and posted a raffle. Over 300 people responded to the raffle not knowing that it was fake. Andy even put the title of Frunk Oz signed photo.